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Agendas and Minutes 1979-1980

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Committee Reports: Charter Review (cont. reading of second batch of proposed amendments).

5-07-80 Minutes

Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Charter Review Committee (presented the second reading of proposed amendments).

4-09-80 Minutes

Provost reported that President Shenker has been in meetings all day consulting different constituencies about whether to continue classes while the strike continues but the Chancellor ruled that all colleges were to remain open during and request that the record show that the administration is aware of the superb performance of faculty and staff in getting to work despite the hardships. Committee Reports: UARC (resolutions on Grading for Remedial Courses, Special Appeal for CR and NCR Grades carried by hand votes); Charter Review Committee (presented first reading of the proposed amendment, Appendix II).

3-19-80 Minutes

President reported that after a meeting with Deputy Chancellor the college was confronted with three issues simultaneously and he will focus on the issues surrounding the curtailing MA program and a potential major budget reduction; the new calendar would have to wait. Ombudsman presented a summary report on past cases showing the pattern of problem areas; now have peer counselors assisting the Ombudsman who will help students follow the proper appeal procedures. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (resolution charging Master Plan Committee to evaluate new and current space was accepted as amended); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Committee on the Calendar (proposed alternative calendar that was accepted with amendments).

3-05-80 Minutes

President reported on the complicated issue of next year’s budget for CUNY and the 2% across the board reduction for all state and city agencies. Provost reported that vacant lines from the budget crisis will revert to Central Administration and the cut will be felt most at the budget for adjunct, maintenance, personnel and administrative staff. Ombudsman distributed petition for three amendments to the Governance Charter for Committee’s on the Calendar, Grade Appeals, and Evaluation of Academic Administrators. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Committee on the Calendar (presented calendar proposal and bell schedule based on 13-week session was approved as amended, Appendix II).

2-20-80 Minutes

Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

2-6-80 Minutes

Provost reported on the budgetary and enrollment matters. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Committee on Proficiency in English Composition (resolutions two and three carried by hand vote); UARC (presented resolution to have remedial courses graded to the standard system in effect except math course 45.001 carried as amended).

12-05-79 Minutes

President reported that construction on the twin towers has begun and presentations will be given to various groups so that they can become familiar with the occupancy structure of the new buildings; the state is facing a budget problem for the next fiscal year and all agencies of the state will be affected. Ombudsman reported his plan to suggest that departments create standing committee on grade appeals. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (resolution to have UCSC announce routine changes carried); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); UARC (24 credit, High School Equivalency Program resolution unanimously accepted).

11-28-79 Minutes

Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Committee on Proficiency in English Composition (presented report and four resolutions on standards and evaluations resolution one and four carried with amendments; two and three were sent back to committee).

11-7-79 Minutes

President reported that tuition had to be increased for freshman and sophomores due to pressure on Community Colleges and to maintain parity between Community and Senior Colleges; approval was received to begin the last steps of the construction process. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (New Program in Energy Policy Studies (US-377) was carried by hand vote); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

10-24-79 Minutes

Resolution carried over on the Presidential Search was accepted as amended. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies).

10-10-79 Minutes

President reported on budgetary matters; he will hold two open forums with college community; remains optimistic that the construction issue will be resolved. Ombudsman reported that he is concerned with patterns of problems that arise that may otherwise be ignored because no individual will initiate action.

9-26-79 Minutes

Dr. Joseph Shenker, acting President, reported that enrollment was slightly higher than last year and is optimistic that construction of the building would resume after discussions with the appropriate authorities. Presidential Search Committee reported that 20-25 candidates were approved and four were interviewed, but the Board of Higher Education recommended that the search be extended and reopened. Ombudsman reported 40-50 students met with him over the summer session and in summarizing his term that the office has been used by members of all three campus constituencies--faculty, students, and administration.

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