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Agendas and Minutes 1980-1981

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5-20-81 Minutes

Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (resolution thanking Provost Schneewind approved with acclamation; resolution on faculty selling complimentary textbooks carried); Charter Review Committee (presented the Third Reading of proposed amendments which were approved by secret ballot, Appendix III);  Ad-hoc Committee on Evaluation of Academic Administrators (procedural resolution to go into a committee of the whole for open discussion carried). New Business: Election of Senate Officers occurred.

5-06-81 Minutes

Ombudsman reported on meeting with the President regarding student concerns on the delay in receiving student refunds and lack of privacy and long lines when collecting financial aid checks. Concerns from faculty of verbal and/or physical harassment t by students have come to his attention. Committee Reports: Advisory Committee on the Library (resolution to Commend President Donna Shalala’s efforts to obtain sizable additional funding for materials carried with acclamation); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Charter Review Committee (presented the second reading of proposed amendments, Appendix II); Departmental Governance Committee (revised bylaws of the Department of Health & Physical Education approved); Old Business: Dean Helly moved to request the Administrative Committee to clarify the appeals procedures regarding written challenges of curriculum proposals to the Divisional Curriculum Committee, carried.

4-01-81 Minutes

Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (information update on college searches regarding the Registrar and Chief Librarian); Charter Review Committee (first reading of proposed amendments to Articles III, IV, and VIII); Student Standing Committee (resolution on Administrative Action and Enforcement approved).

3-11-81 Minutes

President report focused on the Senate’s concerns about the Evening Session and her reaction to the various studies, consultation, and recommendations she received regarding adult students at the college. Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (3-25 “Overflow” meeting would be a part to celebrate Senate’s 10-year Anniversary); Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Calendar Committee (calendar proposal #III was approved after lengthy dissuasion, Appendix II); Evening Session Council (resolution calling on Presidential Consultation carried).


Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); Committee on the Calendar (approved report based on 14 week calendar).

2-11-81 Minutes

President reported on budget and personnel matters, Appendix II.  Ombudsman reported on his concern on how to deal with the issues of racism, sexism, and sexual harassment of students. Committee Reports: Departmental Governance Committee (approved revised bylaws of the Hunter College-Bellevue School of Nursing and Department of Curriculum & Teaching).

12-10-80 Minutes


Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (Presented letter to Chancellor Kibbee re: the hiring of an Assistant for Specialized Counseling, with Senate’s statement and a resolution condemning such action); UARC (Presented New Student Financial Aid Regulations, which was accepted as amended, Appendix II). 

11-19-80 Minutes

Committee Reports: Administrative Committee (Special resolution on Hiring, Promotion, and Tenure was accepted as amended); UCSC (30 Credit Upper Level Course Requirement carried).

11-5-80 Minutes

President reported on her expectations of the various search committees; refocusing of recruitment goals and registration goals and budgetary concerns. Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies); UCSC (revised Guidelines for Submission of Curriculum Proposals, Appendix II approved).

10-22-80 Minutes

Election of Chair and member panels for various search committees was conducted. Committee Reports: Departmental Governance Committee (approved revised bylaws for the Department of Academic Skills).

10-15-80 Minutes

Committee Reports: Nominating Committee (filled committee vacancies; Procedures for Election of Search Committees as approved, Appendix II); Grade Appeals Committee (resolution on Grade Appeals and academic dishonesty carried).

9-24-80 Minutes

President Shalala gave an updated on the new building construction and it will be ready for occupancy in September 1982; concerned with the resources used for undergraduate recruitment a new strategy will be developed; many searches will be starting for deanships and a new provost as quickly as possible. Ombudsman reported that a continuous trickle of complaints is coming into the office varying in nature. Committee Reports: Special Committee on Administrative Searches (report of membership for various searches was accepted as amended, Appendix II).

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