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Macaulay Student Accepted to Cal Tech Summer Program (SURF)

Hunter Macaulay physics major Eugene Ostrovskiy just got accepted to the summer program (SURF) at Cal Tech. He will work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is a NASA Center operated by Cal Tech. JPL's primary mission is robotic exploration of space and planets, and Eugene will work with the technical group that develops advanced batteries for spacecraft and planetary rovers.

"I have always been really passionate about science, especially space. It feels wonderful to be a part of that and contribute to the groundbreaking work that NASA does", said Ostrovskiy.

"Eugene will be the sixth student I've sent to JPL for summer research since my own sabbatical leave there in 1997-8", said Hunter Physics Professor Steve Greenbaum. "He has the analytical wherewithal and natural sense of wonder that will make this summer an unforgettable experience for him."

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